Saturday, November 17, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Days 13-17

(a list of was put in the hospital on Monday and then played catch up the rest of the week)

1.  Thankful for a great team of leaders at GPC.  They truly are phenomenal and phenomenally led.
2.  Missionaries - who go and work to share God's love with those who are far away.
3.  Lists - WITHOUT lists I would be oh so lost, lol!
4.  Washing machine - I hate doing laundry, but I would REALLY hate doing it without a washing machine
5.  A dirty kitchen - it means we've eaten...which across the world and the US there are those who aren't.
6.  Photoshop - and having the skills to make it work for me.
7.  Instagram - helping me capture everyday snippets of life.
8.  Project Life - simplifying scrapbook/memory keeping for me in a way that is SO MUCH MORE DOABLE!.
9.  Self-grading math for the kids...enough said.
10.  My dad - although he's stubborn, I'm glad he's still here...which after Monday's scare, he might not have been!
11.  Doctors - and aggressive doctors who don't allow a stubborn patient to take over.
12.  Family and friends who check in, pray, and stand beside you when things are needy in your life.
13.  20 years of WONDERFUL MARRIAGE to the love of my life - Thomas!
14.  Sleep-by-number bed - the best anniversary gift we could have bought each other.
15.  My dogs - my sister had to put hers to sleep this week, so that makes treasuring mine all the more special.
16.  My husband working from home helps make difficult days better.  He has truly stepped up and helped while I was in 'limbo' land for this week.
17.  Time alone with Thomas - we might be getting old...and our time alone is somewhat less creative than it could be, but I cherish the time...nonetheless.
18.  A good word from the Lord from a wonderfully Bible literate speaker - Raymond Woodward (loved his Healing in His Wings sermon...something I've actually studied on!)
19.  Water - and my 10 bottles a day habit...okay, so that's a bit extreme...almost?
20.  Medicine - I wish Thomas and I didn't have to take any, but since we do...I'm glad we have it available.
21.  Freedom that we have today - might be less I'm thankful for todays!
22.  Folded laundry - especially the kind that I didn't have to fold!
23.  CLEAN SHEETS - freshly clean, on a freshly made bed...and crawling up in the sheets...aahhhhhh....
24.  A hot shower after a long tiring day...perfection.
25.  Japanese Habachi grill - so glad I stepped out and tried it several years ago...LOVE it so much that we went there for our 20th anniversary dinner.
26...because I just can't stop being thankful.  I loved seeing Thomas and I choosing the same card for each other...I ALMOST bought it, but put it back because it felt too 'masculine' to buy, and then DIED laughing when I opened the same one from him.  SERENDIPITY!
27.  Back scratchers - especially when you've got a spot that you can't reach.
28.  Webinars for Zachary - that will hopefully make him a better essay writer!
29.  Dual Enrollment for Brandon - love that it's made him become much more responsible.
30.  Teaching Textbooks for Kaitlyn - she's finished an entire year of school already!

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